27/11/2012 La Java, Paris (FR) + Dispo

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Welcome to the Zarboth website.

Zarboth 1 and Zarboth 2 are proud to present their newly born Zarb to the public. Feel free to navigate anywhere, including hidden corners. This website will be updated on a regular basis.

The latest news…

October 2012:

We are happy to announce that Zarboth will be from now on working with the bureau Détonnant for booking.

This collaboration will start at La Java in Paris on the 27th of November.

To keep you busy while you're waiting, here are a few pictures from the cellar at the Cantine in Belleville:

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February 2012:
Photos from the Miroiterie, Paris


Here are a nunch of bice photos that André took at the Miroiterie (Paris) on the 10th of January.

It was a good show, with friends, unknown people from Paris and elsewhere and Quiches made by Eric Cooney.

Soo you seen.


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November 2011:
Zarboth: "parlez-vous français?" (Jane Fonda)

Here's one for the francophones out there or perhaps for those of you looking to improve your language skills, the Zarboth website is now online in French!

Have a look through the exact same pages you'll find on the English site by clicking HERE or click on Charles de Gaulle in the top left-hand corner anytime to access le French homepage.

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July 2011:
Photos from album release at Le Triton, Paris

We've added some new photos to the site of our gig at Le Triton in Paris (Les Lilas) on the 9th June 2011. Please visit the MEDIA page. Thanks to André Liedet:

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August 2011:
8/10 "KWAKIUTLS" REVIEW on Nextclues.com (August 2011). View all reviews on our PRESS page.

Both parce qu’ils sont deux. Peut-être aussi parce que, plus jeunes, ils ont été marqués par un certain mini-album de Belly Button. Zarbe parce que la musique qui découle de leur accouplement l’est ? J’espère qu’ils ne le croient pas, même si j’ai cru lire le mot « expérimental » dans la bio auto-congratulative qui accompagne ce cd promo à la pochette aplatie.


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...in other news:

14th February 2011: Zarboth making plans milking pains mocking prawns

February, 2011: New site up and running

2nd January, 2011: Dear Captain...