Zarboth plays the way it plays and that’s enough of an influence.

100 years after the end of the Dada movement, the revolt is still going strong. Avant-garde? Zarboth makes a point of bringing a sonic continuity to this justified clamour. Zarboth in Zurich, or the Bakunin monster at Cabaret Voltaire.

Zarboth is an eccentric combo that emerged from the fertile richness of the Parisian underground. Like their three previous albums, Grand Barnum All Bloom defies the laws of description.

Like free jazz, Zarboth deconstructs in total freedom.

Their experience of the impossible involves all kinds of deviant music, concave and primitive dances.

They play a rap song, cook up rock in opposition yoghurt with real pieces of free jazz fruit in it, groove, manipulate and recycle.

Electro-singing electronica, heady loops, clever polyrhythms, simple melodies, psychedelic grooves, bongo fury, liberating energy discharge: a primal and primordial cry.

Zarboth questions, leaves doors open, paints the world with a knife.


Zarboth joue comme il joue et voilà suffisamment d’infuence.

100 ans après la dissolution du mouvement Dada, la révolte gronde toujours. Avant-garde ? Zarboth se fait fort d’apporter une continuité sonique à cette clameur légitime. Zarboth à Zurich, ou le monstre Bakounine au Cabaret Voltaire.

Zarboth est un combo excentrique sorti de la richesse de l’underground parisien. Comme leurs trois précédents opus, Grand Barnum All Bloom défie les lois de la description.

À la manière du free jazz, Zarboth déconstruit en toute liberté.

Leur « expérience de l’impossible » passe par toutes les musiques déviantes, les danses concaves et primitives.

Ils passent la chansonnette à la rap, cuisinent en direct un yaourt rock d’opposition avec des vrais morceaux de free dedans, balancent, manipulent, recyclent.

Électron électro – scandé, boucles entêtantes, polyrythmies savantes, mélodies simples, groove psychédélique, fury de bongos, décharge d’énergie libératrice : un cri primal et primordial.
Zarboth questionne, laisse les portes ouvertes, peint le monde au couteau.

Etienne is the drummer and lead singer for the unclassifiable rock project WE INSIST! with a vested interest in playing twisted rhythms and searching for the melodic aspect of the drums.

He is also currently performing and recording with numerous other projects including We Insist!, Blair et le Peuple de Gauche, François Tarot, Animaux Vivants and DCA Decouflé.


Composer and performer in the universe of electro-acoustic music, Phil Reptil has been bridging rock and electro for nearly 20 years through various groups, albums, solo projects and creations: La Theory du Reptil, Osteti, E 330, Zarboth and Maisons Maquets. He has also worked with artists as diverse as Elise Caron, Méderic Collignon, Phillipe Gleizes and J.Fi Morel, or with dramatic comedy theater Blik and dance troupe Frontiéres Flottantes.

Macdara Smith works in different forms, in a mixture of writing, visuals and music, performing in various musical projects through the mediums of trumpet, rap and singing: Osteti, Electroménager, Think Twice.

Macdara begins with the word and then expands into sound and image.