Grand Barnum All Bloom

“Grand Barnum All Bloom”

released may 28, 2021

Et voici le nouveau ZARBOTH : Zarboth 4, autrement prénommé “Grand Barnum All Bloom”, le fils de Zarboth 3 avec Etienne Gaillochet, Macdara Smith et Phil Reptil, enregistré au Studio Sextan – La Fonderie par notre cher producteur Vincent Mahey en juillet 2020 et mixé par le même sieur à l’automne 2020.

Il sort de sa boite le 28 mai 2021 comme le diable de la bibliothèque.

Underground River

“Underground River”

EP released January 20, 2019

A two track album, side A Underground River, a Zarboth original and on side B a cover version of Putain Putain, by Arno, questioning what it is to be European.

There's No Devils at All, it's Just the System

“There’s No Devils at All, it’s Just the System”

released November 13, 2015

Drums, sample and vocals : Etienne Gaillochet
Guitar and Backing vocals : Phil Reptil
Slam, poetry, rap, trumpet : Macdara Smith
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Frédéric Martin-Bouyer at Studio Nibiru
Paintings : Macdara Smith
Masks : Les grandes personnes
Lay-out : Marianne T.
Produced by Zarboth for Orienté Bancal Productions and assembled by Jean Rochard, Zarboth et Macdara Smith.
Production assistance: Christelle Raffaëlli
Produced by Jean Rochard pour Wan + Wan – nato



released April 25, 2011

Side A: Six songs with refrains, melodies and identifiable structures, nevertheless built on impossible rhythmic canvasses
and (perhaps) questionable harmonies.
Side B: Six instrumental pieces of experimental inspiration: structured performances with the rhythmic patterns of speech
(cf. René Lussier), long progressive structures, or total improvisation mixed with micro-rhythmic structures.
There are three guests on this album that have been musical partners of either Etienne or Phil at one time or another:
Cyrille Méchin from We Insist! playing baritone saxophone on two songs, Pierre Le Bourgeois on cello (Nosfell) also on
two songs, and on “What We Eat”, Nosfell, polymorphic singer, enriches the song with his vocal experimentations.
Together with Phil and Etienne, Pierre Le Bourgeois and Nosfell also play in the collective “Les Maisons Maquets”.

Zarboth self-titled


released April 20, 2009

Zarboth self-titled was recorded at Banlieues Bleues, Pantin in 2008 it was meant to be an LP but it finally became what it is, a first album release.
It was released by HEAD RECORDS in France and DISCORPORATE RECORDS in Germany.