1. Addict

2. Wilderness Master

3. Argue

4. Deceptive Claps

5. Overtones

6. Never Turn Black

7. Hear Me There

8. Muchi

About Album

Zarboth self-titled was recorded at Banlieues Bleues, Pantin in 2008 it was meant to be an LP but it finally became what it, a first album release.
It was released by HEAD RECORDS in France and DISCORPORATE RECORDS in Germany.
ZARBOTH is a free-noise-metal-jazz mix of whatever; it’s whenever; it’s cities, fields, rain, shoes, sun, water, laughter, east,
yeast, night, love, Paris, German beer, cigarettes from anywhere; everywhere; friends, and from Pantera to Bill Frisell then beyond…

Etienne Gaillochet: drums and lead vocals
Phil Reptil: 8 string guitar and vocals
William Lopez: sound recording and mixing
Edouard Bonan: Mastering

Labels: Discorporate Records, Head Records

Release Date: April 20, 2009